WordPress Engineering, Maintenance, Website Design & Build, Consulting, Search Engine Optimisation

Responsive designs, responsive adaptations to existing websites, Convert your old website to a responsive WordPress one.

Custom designs and themes, Theme adaptations, multimedia, video.

Web shops with card payments, bespoke appointments, listings. Get in touch and i can help you out with this.

I work with a number of designers

Sarah Macbeth
Make & Mend
Wordsmith Design

And i’m happy to work on designs myself or in collaboration.

Some examples here


Here you will find my LinkedIn profile


Music production, Video editing, Animation, Experimental work, Multimedia, Vjing, Video projection, Podcasts, Mixing, Sound projection, Specification, Composition, Sound design, Soundscapes and Sound Art.

I have worked with: Warrior Squares, Yumino Seki, Nick Snelling, Cathryn Kemp, Elise & Mary, Coastal Currents, Thee Sunday Sonics, Sussex Coast College, Electro Studios and others on many successful projects.

Very happy to take commissions for further work – please get in touch.

This is a new website and an ongoing project so expect more info in the near future…