WordPress Engineering, Maintenance, Website Design & Build, Consulting, Search Engine Optimisation

Responsive designs, responsive adaptations to existing websites, Convert your old website to a responsive WordPress one.

Custom designs and themes, Theme adaptations, multimedia, video

I work with a number of designers currently

Sarah Macbeth
Make & Mend
Wordsmith Design

Some examples here


Music production, Video editing, Animation, Experimental work, Multimedia, Vjing, Video projection, Podcasts, Mixing, Sound projection, Specification, Composition, Sound design, Soundscapes and Sound Art.

I have worked with: Warrior Squares, Yumino Seki, Nick Snelling, Cathryn Kemp, Elise & Mary, Coastal Currents, Thee Sunday Sonics, Sussex Coast College and others on many successful projects.

Very happy to take commissions for further work – please get in touch.

This is a new website and an ongoing project so expect more info in the near future…