About me

photo by Tim Willcocks

I’ve been working as a freelance web designer since 2006. My background is in art & design and i have to admit that most of my clients are artists, designers, musicians and the like. My sensibilities are with artists and i respect that when i make them a website. I like to experiment a little, work with their material and enhance it on the screen. No two sites are the same but (i hope) they carry my ‘trademark style’. WordPress is my web application of choice and i’m at home (often alone) designing and coding css, php, and javascript to extend it with custom templates for each project. Since graduation i have also been occasionally teaching and mentoring at Sussex Coast College (formerly Hastings College of Art & Design).


Parvum Curriculum Vitae:

[2006-present] Web design

[2003-2007] Hastings College of Art & Design (BA Hons)

[1985-2003] Various art/design including Pottery studio, Furniture painting, Murals

[1981-1985] Medway College of Design – Ceramics Higher diploma


My other life as a musician and multimedia artist isn’t covered on this website. might be the place for that.